Twitch Plays Pokemon has made history. What started out as plain chaos has lead to, religions, social projects, governmental analysis, and much more. It has brought thousands of people together, whether working toward a common goal or not, well that's up to you to decide. Seeing that an overarching theme has been religion I wanted to make a “bible“ of sorts; compiling the epic saga into a book. How I see it now is there will be the “bibley“ part with an interesting back story, teachings, hymns, tales from the disciples, and so on. The other part being the epic journey we have all been on. I hope to somehow weave all this together into an interesting coherent book. But I can't do it alone! We created the legend and together we will create the book. So answer some polls and let's get this poke ball rolling. Feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas.

I've started the book. But it is all still a first draft. I would really like input, so check out the polls and forums please.

TL;DR: Answer some polls or e-mail me.

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To Do

Priority Project Status ETF
1 Praise Lord Helix Constant Never
2 Start the Books of Chronicles 3/18/14 Mid April
3 Edit The Books of Eevee When ever my editor has time Early April
4 Finish The Book Brainstorming Constantly May
5 Enhance the website Here and there ?


3/18/14 - The Books of Eevee are finished!! Again wording will probably be changed and a few sentences added at some point durring the edits but this is pretty much it! I'm so excited to start the Books Of Chronicles I might just start now XD

3/16/14 - A few hours late but it's done(ish) The epic tale reaches its climax in The Fourth Book of Eevee. 20 pages long. When my editor and i are able to sit down im sure some wording will be changed to make the dialogue sound better and a few sentences will be added to clear things up but this is pretty much it. Enjoy!

3/13/14 - After the Fourth Book of Eevee I will not be putting in the [1:1] because its a real pain when trying to edit, I will add them in when the edits are finished.

3/12/14 - I'm making the final push to finish The Books of Eevee. Then I will be starting to talk about the actually events that unfolded durrring those 16 days, in The Books of Chronicles. After that I would like to add in some other books with OC that I have in mind. Just keep in mind The Book is still in a first draft so it's a little rough.

3/5/14 - I'm done with all the necessities for the site and now my focus will be mainly on writing.

3/5/14 - The first pages of the book have been added!

3/4/14 - The Book is live! Time to add content!

3/2/14 - Last night the pages of the book were finished thanks to my talented friend. and I started learning jquery so I can get the book live. Hope to have that up in the next few days.

2/28/14 - Just got the comments up for the forums!Now to promote this site and get the other pages up!